Project: Stinkers Puzzles v1

Puzzles for Young Minds, Without Limits

Project Description:

Stinkers Puzzles v1 was created to solve a common problem: most puzzle games for young children come with paywalls and in-app purchases. As a parent, I wanted to offer my 4-year-old an enjoyable and educational experience without these frustrations.

Stinkers Puzzles v1 is a collection of engaging and accessible puzzles designed to nurture young minds. There are no barriers – every puzzle is readily available, promoting learning through play, creativity, and problem-solving.

Join us in providing children with an uninterrupted and joyful learning experience. Stinkers Puzzles v1 is just the start of our mission to make learning through play accessible to all.

Thank you for supporting our journey!

Floaty Poop : A Playful Homage to Flappy Bird

Game Description:

Floaty Poop originally named Floaty Tu*d is where my journey into unity game development began, and it's a playful nod to the iconic Flappy Bird. As a newcomer to game development (unless you count my adventures in modding and level design across various game engines), I embarked on this lighthearted project to learn the ropes.

Floaty Poop captures the essence of those endlessly addictive, one-touch games. In this whimsical adventure, you guide a floating piece of... well, you know, through a maze of obstacles. The goal? To defy gravity, beat your high score, and, most importantly, have fun.

While it may not take itself too seriously, Floaty Poop represents the creative spark that ignited my passion for game development. It's a reminder that every journey begins with a single, sometimes unconventional, step.